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Laura took the time last night to attend our Menopause Meeting... The Positive Menopause Society to speak to us about Mindfulness and Breathing Techniques. She was amazing. Everyone of us were inspired by what she said, and encouraged that it is possible to live a full life without any of the distractions of the modern world. That we have a right to take time for ourselves and to be at peace on a daily basis. Laura was fun, informative and very well prepared. Thank you for sharing with us it meant a lot xx

Sarah (via Facebook) 25th May 2017


As a newbie/beginner to yoga, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor! Laura is fun, friendly, patience and very informative. Always encouraging us to be ourselves. She takes her time to ask each individual yogi if they are okay and offers help if needed. As I struggle with a problem with my left leg and foot, Laura has offered to stay back after class to give me extra advice and demonstrate some exercises that'll help with my problem, which has been very helpful and has already made a huge difference.I couldn't recommend a better instructor. Every week I look forward to yoga and it has already helped with my confidence and anxiety. Thank you Laura xxx

Sophie (via Facebook) 25th May 2017 

Lotus Yoga and Mindfulness